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CSOFT is a leading provider of user document and product packaging translation, website localization, and multicultural brand marketing for consumer products and retail companies.

Consumer product companies derive more revenue from international markets.

Over the past decades, emerging markets have transformed the world’s economy. Smart consumer and retail product businesses such as Procter & Gamble, Sony, Nike, and Wal-mart capitalized on the opportunity by deploying their products internationally to meet overseas demand. 

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Today, as global competition becomes increasingly fierce, companies in the consumer and retail products industry must redefine their multicultural brand and global strategy for successful overseas development. Whether translating cell phones, fashion wear, product packaging & labeling, or creating user instructions and owner’s manuals, we have the experience, quality processes, and global resources to provide language support services for all your international business needs.

Through CSOFT’s extensive localization experience and global network of in-country linguists, companies will be better equipped to maximize profitability and increase scalability with speed, confidence, and at reduced costs. 

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Allowing companies to say it right the first time

From concept evaluation to packaging translation, we work with international businesses like P&G, Sony Mobile, and Kodak to ensure that both products and their literature make sense to consumers in their target language market. 

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As illustrated by the image on the left, poor consumer facing translation can tarnish your international brand image which can take years to overcome. We can help your company to get it right the first time, and communicate a clear message from the very beginning of your global process. 

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Our consumer products localization services

Global Branding

Online Media & Print

Compliance & Regulatory

Marketing Collaterals

Product & Packaging

Human Resources Materials

Demo Videos


Assembly Instructions

Product Care Instructions

Product Data Sheets

Graphic Design Adaptation

Language Review Management

Localized Formatting

Multilingual Copyrighting

Culture & Language Testing

Product Support Website

CSOFT is a leader in global language support.

We work with some of the world’s leading companies to effectively communicate with an increasingly multicultural audience of customers, employees, and partners. Through CSOFT’s extensive localization experience and global network of in-country linguists, we have developed a comprehensive range of area-specific skills perfectly in tune with your business needs. We have completed many successful projects for companies in the apparel, electronics, food and beverage, luxury brands, personal care, and retail sectors.


The apparel industry is what makes the fashion world go round; and localization is crucial to its success.

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CSOFT’s in-country linguists possess world-class capabilities and extensive local expertise in order to keep your branding and messaging consistent. By leveraging our extensive localization experience, we can help you achieve a brand image that is strong, global, and current. Entrust your high-volume technical documents to us—e.g. product specification sheets, in-store displays, signage, after-sale materials— and achieve optimized translation and an accelerated time-to-market. 

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Translating for the electronics industry requires careful attention to detail and strict adherence to the original text.

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No matter what kind of documents you need translated—be it subtitles, manuals, or dubbing scripts—CSOFT’s global team of localization experts guarantee that your project will be done on time, on budget, and to the highest standard. Most importantly, you can leverage our cloud-based terminology management system, TermWiki, in order to maintain consistency across all documents, saving you time and money. 

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Food & Beverage

Over the past several decades, the food and beverage industry has thrived as a result of an unprecedented increase in global demand, especially in rapidly developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil.

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To enter those markets, we understand the importance of understanding cultural differences and adapting to local tastes and preferences. A one-stop provider for all your localization knowledge, CSOFT can meet all your requirements with measurable quality, reduced costs, and a reduced time-to-market.

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Luxury Brands

As developing countries mature and the affluent class continues to rise, the global luxury goods market is expected to continue global expansion, consolidation, and diversification.

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CSOFT helps luxury brands enter and succeed in new markets by bridging the cultural gap and breaking the language barriers with improved user experience, all while ensuring your brand appeals to the masses for maximized demand across the globe. Whether it’s fashion, cosmetics, high-end watches, luggage, or handbags — we can help you communicate your brand value more effectively in diverse markets and to maximize your potential through our expertise in global marketing and global training. 

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Personal Care

Our extensive localization experience means that you can rely on us not only for excellence in professional translation, but also for all your needs when going global.

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Manufacturers of cosmetics, toiletries, colognes, toilet paper, and the like can rest assured that all their projects will be delivered in a timely manner and remain consistent across every language.

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Our increasingly globalized world allows retailers to extend their business beyond their core market and set up new shops in new places around the globe.

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In order to win and maintain customer loyalty, CSOFT believes that it’s all about the local customer. Through the insight and expertise of our local experts, you will be able to leverage the unique wants and needs of consumers, thus enabling seamless expansion and contributing to your long term success. Our advanced proprietary technologies provide our clients with the proper tools so they can easily handle high volume retail projects such as catalogs, coupons, packaging, and training materials.

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Frequently asked questions

What is in-store interactive product localization?

For years, consumer product companies have been trying to personalize their product offerings to gain greater customer satisfaction and to increase product sales. However, helping customers select the most suitable products from the myriad of choices has always been a challenging proposition. This is exactly what Procter and Gamble hoped to accomplish when they introduced ScalpSense, a portable and easy to use interactive device aimed to help customers select the best shampoo product based on their own hair type.

Should I use a multilingual LSP for localizing my product?

Unlike other types of localization requirements, consumer products often need to be tailored to customers of different locales. This highly customized nature explains why many companies handle consumer product localization through their regional offices in a decentralized fashion. However, although this decentralized model addresses the customization issue, it also brings many other problems such as non-uniform branding, inefficiency, and higher cost to consumer product localization.

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