Case Studies

Our Case Studies are available here for download.

4 Million Words in 8 Weeks

After purchasing another automaker’s intellectual property, the client needed to put the technology to immediate use in order to produce their next line of vehicles. To do so, they required CSOFT’s help in translating approximately four million words from English into Chinese – and in just eight weeks.

Content Optimization for Western Audiences

CSOFT’S Technical Communications team designed and applied document templates for Midea in order to boost the company’s content optimization scheme. The fully re-created documents were market-targeted and market-ready.

User Manual Localization

One of America’s foremost computer technology manufacturers needed to shorten its product launch process. Improving workflow was not enough, however. The manufacturer also needed to ensure terminology consistency across all product lines and improve overall translation quality.

Product Corrective Action Letter Localization

The company found that their Language Service Provider’s (LSP) response and turnaround times occasionally skirted the project deadlines and so was understandably concerned about the potential losses that could be incurred in the event of a missed FDA Form 483 deadline.

Meeting Global Guidelines in New Markets

Companies operating in the medical industry are well aware of the importance of accurately interpreting clinical trial results in order to obtain international regulatory approval for their devices.

Creating Market Savvy Manuals for Western Audiences

In order to ensure exceptional user experience and create a highly respected brand identity, Huawei chose to cooperate with CSOFT’s fully native-English Technical Communications team. The result has been a complete optimization of the company’s technical and marketing content that is intended for global markets.