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What is DITA and Why Do We Need It?

The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is designed to optimize authoring and content management, as well as translation and localization. This open source XML architecture brings cost saving opportunities to your technical publication efforts.

The Death of Mobile Apps

As the number of mobile apps has exploded on both the Apple Store and Google Play market places, the chances of an app developer’s success has dwindled to nearly nothing.

Terminology Management For Life Sciences Companies

The Life Sciences industry is swathed in regulation regarding industry and international standards compliance. Rigorously enforced to uphold quality practices and ensure the safety of millions of customers worldwide, these regulations are a fundamental component of the health and sustainability of both the industry and those it serves.

“Qwality” Not Included

The ability to rate translation quality in an effective and uniform manner has long been a vital requirement of the industry.

The Ins and Outs of Translation Memory Maintenance

The Ins and Outs of Translation Memory Maintenance White Paper Translation memory is a vital part of a business's assets. As your business experiences change and growth, your translation memory (TM) will expand as well. In an ideal situation, it should continuously...

Translation Memory 101

Your business is going global and you are naturally considering translation as a strategic investment. Now that numerous language service providers are approaching you and the better ones tell you that “translation memory” can save you time and money on your projects.

Terminology Management ROI

Terminology management is the process of systematically developing, collecting, maintaining and presenting words that have special meaning and application in a given subject field.

Strengthening Your Brand Image in a Globalized Marketplace

In an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, maintaining a strong and consistent brand image is of paramount importance. However, with so many different avenues to advertise and so many different audiences to capture, it has become difficult for companies to accomplish such a seemingly simple goal.

Localizability Guidelines for Software Developers

As more and more companies distribute their software products worldwide, better localization practices are needed to ensure success in global markets. This document provides some general guidelines for software developers and programmers to better write applications to allow for more efficient downstream localization.