We speak the language wherever you are from exploration, generation, renewables, energy services, and more.

CSOFT supports global operations.

With increased collaboration between private and state-owned companies in growing markets, energy companies are finding a greater need for linguistic support for their global operations. CSOFT has the language skills and subject-matter expertise to equip you with the multilingual support necessary to succeed in the global economy. While the energy industry rapidly evolves, our linguistic expertise assures our customers that their brand and global message remains consistent and recognizable, regardless of where they go.

Our team of experts uses industry knowledge to ensure the highest quality for all your translation needs.

Somewhere in the world oil is currently being produced, coal is being mined, natural gas is being transported, and renewable technology continues to be researched. Whatever area your business falls under, CSOFT has the expertise to provide you with comprehensive localization solutions to meet all of your communications needs.

With our in-country translators, quantifiable subject-matter expertise, and a customer-centric approach to project management, we help identify and provide you with cost-effective solutions that maximize the return on your translation and global investment.

Providing expert industry solutions

From upstream exploration to downstream refining, we localize energy-related documentation, hardware, software, and marketing collateral in more than 100 languages across the following domains:

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