Interpretation Services

You can count on CSOFT to deliver affordable, quality solutions for all your interpretation needs.

CSOFT International provides a broad range of interpretation services which includes live interpretation, face-to-face, distance-interpretation, over-the-phone (OPI), simultaneous, consecutive, whisper, and others. For all interpretation projects, CSOFT’s centralized project management team works closely with our in-country interpretation partners, who are not only required to have the documented linguistic expertise to perform live interpretation services, but are also required to have all necessary audio equipment locally available. The regions we cover include North and South America, all of Europe, and all of Asia-Pacific.

Interpretation services
interpretation services

Interpretation Services Training

CSOFT’s linguists go through rigorous trainings to ensure they are qualified. They are required to have a college degree and at least 7 years of experience in the translation field. In fact, most of CSOFT’s tier one linguists have at least 10 years of translation experience for specific industries. We track and monitor the performance of each linguist on an on-going basis and the results are used to classify our linguists.

Many of our interpretation projects are technical in nature, so we only employ interpreters with subject-matter expertise in relevant fields. Due to the vast size of our interpreter database, we are able to pick an interpreter for your project with a background in your enterprise’s specific industry such as IT, manufacturing, medical, legal, finance, aerospace, and many more.

interpretation services

Distance Interpretation Services

We have extensive experience in conducting live session translation without actually requiring the translator to be physically present. For these types of projects, the interpreter (a bilingual native speaker in both languages) performs live translation using a conference telephone. Using this distance-interpretation approach, we can provide quality and efficient interpretation of live sessions in all languages, while significantly reducing the cost of services as travel is not required.

interpretation services


Many times, for multifaceted or delicate circumstances, OPI or distance interpretation services are not the optimal solution for your enterprise. Whether it be for legal proceedings, foreign delegations, insurance claims, medical services, or training, you can count on CSOFT to deliver affordable, quality solutions for all your face-to-face interpretation needs.

interpretation services

Over-the-Phone (OPI)

CSOFT International additionally offers over-the-phone interpreting services in all languages.  We offer a variety of options to suit your needs.  Centered around your existing call-center program, CSOFT can tailor interpretation to your inbound and outbound calling needs. Interpretation services are also beneficial for outbound marketing research and customer satisfaction surveys to help reach your customers in their preferred language. Should your volume become so great that you feel the need to add in-house staff, let us help you recruit with our broad network of linguists.

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CSOFT International is a world leader in localization, globalization consulting, and interpretation services providing turnkey solutions for companies facing the challenges of engaging customers and markets across linguistic and cultural barriers. We bring together a 10,000-strong network of professional in-country linguists, culture experts, and cutting-edge technology to deliver language solutions to global enterprises in IT/telecom, life sciences, energy, automotive, manufacturing, financial services, consumer electronics, and more.

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