Translation services for local and global audiences

CSOFT’s multilingual and technology solutions utilize our network of international, cultural experts to create solutions for audiences around the world. Our key translation services offerings will allow you to build business strategies that are both locally focused and globally relevant in today’s fast-paced society.


Localization & Translation Services

CSOFT is an industry-leading provider of localization and translation services. With 10,000 experts around the world, we work to ensure that your message is clearly delivered to your audience. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to provide you with innovative solutions, no matter where your business goes next. Whether it’s document translation, software localization, localization engineering, or eLearning solutions, CSOFT has the expertise to help you tailor your strategy to local markets.

What is localization?

Do people outside the industry know what localization is? In this CSOFT classic, we watch hilarious and thought-provoking, man-on-the-street interviews in Beijing conducted by CSOFT staff to test people’s understanding of localization.

Should the term “localization” be called something else to better characterize the hard work we put in everyday to help connect businesses with their customers globally?

Translating your content to send the right message

Transcreation is the practice of combining translation and creation (rewriting) to adapt a message, especially in marketing and advertising, from a source language into other target languages. Unlike technical translation that is largely ‘verbatim’, transcreated text deviates – in terms of word choices and culture-specific expressions – from the source in order to convey the purpose and style in the target language. As a result, marketing translation services often involve one of three levels of service:

Translation services


Translation only. This is the standard translation from the source into the target language. Our normal translation rates apply to standard translation service.

Translation services


Transcreation. This is standard translation plus minor rewriting or reworking of the translated text to better target the local audience. The rates are standard translation rates +50% additional surcharge.

Translation services


This is standard translation plus full copy rewriting in the target language which yields the best linguistic and culturally powerful content. The rate for deluxe service is standard translation rate plus our hourly rates based on the scope of each specific project.

Going global by building a firm foundation

Whether adapting an old model or creating a new business, when establishing yourself as an international enterprise, it’s essential that you set your global model on a strong foundation. From market entry through product launch, CSOFT offers services which will help you to improve communication and create engaging content that will allow you to go across borders more quickly.

Be it your technical documentation, press release writing, or marketing content creation, our team of international experts understands how to produce original, influential content that will allow you to unlock new markets with ease.

Case Studies and White Papers

Gain further insight into how our team of qualified experts supports our clients to achieve high-quality translations, cost-efficiency, and successful deployment into the global market.

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