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CSOFT understands the regulatory requirements with which our clients must comply. Our expertise and experience help mitigate risk and safety concerns for our clients and their patients.

CSOFT has provided services to medical device companies with translation and localization of data sheets, user guides, multilingual typesetting, training material, patent applications, website globalization, and software internationalization.

With CSOFT, you can be assured that our specialized linguists with subject matter expertise will deliver the highest quality deliverables within budget and time constraints.

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Providing consistent solutions for all your medical device needs

CSOFT’s team of experts has experience translating a variety of material for the medical device industry.

User Manuals

Package Inserts



Data Sheets


Instructions for Use (IFUs)

Software Localization


Marketing Collaterals

Effective medical device terminology management in the source document saves businesses 20% or more on translation costs.

While writers and translators receive specialized training in the medical field, it still takes time to research important terminology during the content development and translation process. Studies find that the number one factor affecting translation quality is the inaccurate and inconsistent use of technical terms specific to a particular industry.

Download our white paper on Terminology Management for the Life Sciences to learn more about how CSOFT can improve your quality while reducing cost.