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CSOFT’s language service portfolio includes professional multilingual voiceover services for over 100 languages. With an international network of professional voice artists, we provide comprehensive voice production services for a variety of media including online presentations, videos, films, TV programs, and video games.

Over the past 10 years, CSOFT has accumulated more than a thousand professional multilingual voiceover talents categorized by language, accent, gender, and voice type.

The Global Resource (GR) team is continually on the lookout for new talent to add to our extensive voiceover database. Each actor is hand-picked based on their experience and innate talent. Only professionals – never amateurs – are contracted to work on our projects. In fact, many of our artists are well-known actors on TV, in the movies, and in other media in their home countries.

In addition to accepting only the best voice actors, we also insist on the highest audio quality using only state-of-the-art professional recording equipment. Post-recording editing is performed on all projects to ensure the consistently high standards we demand.

Professional artists can usually record voiceovers in a single take. This eliminates the need for multiple recording sessions, ultimately saving not only time, but also money!

CSOFT has one of the largest multimedia localization teams in the industry. We regularly work on a variety of rich media projects including eLearning and rich media, videos, Articulate and Captivate courses, HTML 5, Flash presentations, RSS feeds, 3-D animations, presentations over the cloud or on mobile, and desktop computer software. We have handled complex multimedia translation projects for a diverse set of clients including Kodak, P&G, Intel, Medtronic, Adobe plus many more. And since most of the engineering and editing work is based in China, we are able to offer our clients an extremely high standard of service for extremely competitive pricing.

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