Top Five Apps for On the Go Entrepreneurs

During the stressful times of being a traveling entrepreneur, these 5 apps can be the PA in your pocket, helping you keep track of it all and eliminating the hassle. By Drew Hendricks For many of today’s top entrepreneurs, one of the biggest challenges that come...

The Elusive Uberization of Translation

  By Florian Faes Two new competitors have entered the market with their own take on how to become that elusive “Uber for translation.”Stepes is the crowdsourcing startup of language service provider CSOFT. Beijing-based CSOFT has been active in the language services...

Like Uber, For Translators

 A new app can summon a translator for over 5,000 languages on demand By rover08 In just a few days, CSOFT International introduces Stepes, their latest development and the world’s first mobile translation app. Translation industry leader and globalization expert,...

Top 50 diversity professionals in industry

CSOFT’s CEO Ms. Shunee made this year’s Top 50 Global Diversity Professionals in Industry. This inaugural list is supported by The Economist and is the definitive global diversity standard that covers every strand of diversity, in every country, in the world.

Innovation in Sharing Economy

The sharing economy refers to economic and social systems that enable shared access to goods, services, data and talent. New firms come from an array of industries, ranging from food delivery and transportation to childcare and medical services.

CSOFT at LocWorld29

BEIJING, CHINA – CSOFT International Ltd., a leading provider of translation services and globalization solutions, announced today that its Executive Vice President of Global Growth and Operations, Will Knight, will be speaking at the LocWorld29 Silicon Valley conference to be held on October 14-16.

CSOFT in MultiLingual

Of course, it isn’t just Chinese companies that struggle when localizing — Western companies encounter issues of their own; however, their cultural expectations of success allow them to be persistent in foreign markets. For Chinese companies that can demonstrate patience during cultural adaptation, success should soon follow.