Software Localization

End-to-end software localization solutions for adapting software products including application GUI translation, linguistic testing, and cosmetic testing for target markets.

Any software, any time.

We have a strong technical background centered around our extensive software development experience across a variety of platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android. CSOFT provides consistent quality software localization for virtually any application including ERP, CRM, CAD, websites, anti-virus programs, games, mobile apps, and many more.

GUI Software Localization

Graphical User Interface (GUI) software localization refers to the translation of text strings that appear on icons, dialog boxes, menus, check boxes, and error and status messages displayed on a screen.

Resource File Translation

Most GUI components are stored in external resource files. These resource files are then compiled into binary executable files such as .dll files.

CSOFT offers complete support for translating various resource file formats. We also work directly with compiled binary executable files to minimize accidental changes to formatting codes within.rc files.

Software Localization Testing

Once software is localized, it needs to be verified on different platforms to ensure the translated content fits within the target dialog boxes and all hotkeys use unique letters. CSOFT’s software localization testing focuses heavily on a product’s cosmetic and linguistic qualities.

Website Localization

Companies risk losing significant market share and potential embarrassment without professional localized web content. CSOFT excels in website globalization by utilizing our professional in-country translation and expert website engineers.

Internationalization (I18N)

Internationalization (i18N) is the process to Unicode or double-byte-enable a software program for easy localization, allowing the program to run as if it was a native speaker on a target language platform. CSOFT’s I18N service includes analysis and assessment, testing, and double-byte or Unicode enabling.

Localization Engineering

Localization (L10N) engineering is an important part of the professional localization process. CSOFT’s software localization engineers are specially trained to work with a variety of software tools, file types, and OS platforms to support the localization of our clients’ wide range of product portfolios.

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