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Your Translation, On Demand.

Meet the world’s first chat-based translation app

Stepes provides accurate human translation services through a convenient app. With previous translation tools being only desktop-based, Stepes’ patent pending mobile translation technology allows translators to confidently translate from virtually anywhere, at any time.

Transforming the way the world communicates

By seamlessly connecting businesses and individuals with the world’s linguists through our on-demand translation eco-system, we help break down language barriers between businesses and their customers, and among nations and people.

Document Translation

Use Stepes to translate your press releases, blogs, Word docs, user guides, PDFs, and any other type of content. Simply upload your documents or copy/paste the text that needs to be translated. We’ll send you an instant quote and, once you approve it, a Stepes translator will begin working on the translation right away. You can download the translated document upon completion.


One-on-One allows you to hire a personal translator or interpreter on the Stepes network. It’s perfect for situations when you need a translator or interpreter for a set period of time, such as during events that require live interpretation, or even for personalized translation support when you’re traveling abroad.

Stepes Translate

A Google Translate-like service powered by human translators. It’s an ideal way to obtain instant and quality human translations even if you are short on time and on the go. Simply type the text you want translated, select your language(s), and within minutes your human translation will pop up. Finally, obtaining instant and quality human translation is as easy as using Google Translate.

Mobile Interpretation

Interpretation is one of the fastest growing areas of language services worldwide today as more people travel internationally for business and leisure. Mobile technology makes it easy for anyone to easily request on-the-go live interpretation from anywhere in the world. Stepes chat-based solutions and its large network of professional human interpreters makes getting interpretation as simple as texting. Interpretation service rendered mobile devices just got so much easier.

How does it work?

Stepes divides large translation text into smaller segments or text like sentences and phrases. These segments are then shown as short text bubbles, similar to that found on smartphone messaging apps. Translators can then translate each text bubble quickly and efficiently using the keyboard or voice dictation. The Stepes translation process looks exactly like a short message conversation between Stepes and the translator and allows translators to work within a very familiar mobile chat environment. Stepes redefines the way we translate.

What makes us different?



Get your content translated at blazing fast speeds by using our automated translation matching system.


Ensured accuracy by using pre-approved translators with specific industry specialties.


Enjoy the highest quality translation standards without breaking your budget.

Getting your content translated fast by professional human translators has never been easier.

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