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A growing tradition


CSOFT hosted its first summit in 2004 at CSOFT’s headquarters in Beijing. The first occasion was an internal alignment of corporate missions, but the event quickly blossomed.

Each year, the CSOFT Summit has grown, and today, the Summit has become one of Asia’s largest language, technology, and culture events. Dedicated to promoting cross-cultural communications and addressing the challenges faced by our global society, the CSOFT Summit is a ‘can’t miss event’ for anyone interested in cross-border trade or language. 

On conference day, keynote speakers, panelists, and debaters from around the world gather to discuss the factors which influence our world culture. Challenges and opportunities are addressed as we take a step back to look at international society with a critical eye.


It’s great to meet all the ‘Csofters’ as well as the other linguists in the Summit. It’s a good chance to meet PMs I have been working with and exchange experience with my peers.

Emma Kuo

Linguist, Taiwan

Pre-summit workshops

The week leading up to our main conference hosts workshops for guests. Whether discussing the art of networking, how to create global content, or tips for public speaking, these workshops help attendees to improve old skills or build new ones. 

2017 Summit recap

14 years of summits





Interested in contributing?

Do you have an idea for a workshop, panel, keynote speech, or debate topic? Do you want to join the discussion and contribute to this exciting event? Contact us today to learn how you can participate!