Technical Communications

Take your technical communications to the next level

Who are we?

CSOFT’s professional team of native-English speakers provides specialist writing and editing solutions for a range of content types and industries. We combine our expertise across a variety of services with our extensive experience of working directly with Chinese companies and departments. From perfecting press releases to producing flawless technical communications documentation, we take your localization efforts to the next level.

What do we do?

Technical Documentation

Get experienced technical writers to edit, redesign, or create your technical communications documents.

Marketing & Communications

Get professional marketing experts to deliver perfect copy for your western audience.

UI/UX Development

Get dedicated specialist string creation, linguistic testing, and design support.

How do we do it?

We know every business is unique, that’s why we tailor specific technical communications solutions for each of our clients. Each package can be customized to fit your businesses needs, from simple editing and fine-tuning of existing content, to full content creation and the implementation of efficient, in-house procedures that will maximize your output.


Simple, offsite edits, to perfect your content.

Full content creation.

Dedicated onsite staff.

Staff training programs and process implementation.

How can we help you?

Chinese companies going global

Chinese companies have come a long way in the past decade, however, their message is often lost in Western markets.
While Western-based companies provide services to aid global expansion, they are often extremely expensive and struggle to communicate with their Chinese clients. As a Chinese-based company, our specialists have the expertise needed, speak your language, are located near your business, and are competitively priced.

Western companies with Chinese R&D

As your company expands, it can be difficult to maintain standards across offices, especially if they cross cultural borders. As a Chinese-based company with Chinese speakers, we not only bring the highest level of quality to our work, we know how to communicate with your Chinese staff to produce content which meets your expectations. We also can develop and deliver training and other resources to bring your international teams closer to a single standard.

The CSOFT start-up initiative

At CSOFT, we have always applauded the endeavors of start-up companies looking to launch themselves on the world stage.
The Start-Up Initiative aims to support those companies, and brings them professional level services when they most need it, at a fraction of the cost.

Case Studies and White Papers

Gain further insight into how CSOFT's team of qualified experts supports our clients in achieving high-quality translations, cost-reduction efficiency, and success in building a strong presence in the global market.

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