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Marketing Communications & PR

Knowing how to communicate with your audience is central to any successful business. As both marketing professionals and native-English speakers, we can ensure your message is heard in a voice that your audience will understand. Whether you need press releases or event support, we will make sure you interact with your customers like a native.

What Do We Do?

Press releases

Our communications specialists work closely with your marketing team to ensure that your press releases are picked up by the news outlets that matter most. We also provide campaign tracking to help you perfect your marketing strategy.

Competitor analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing is a crucial step in cornering a market. Our team provide in-depth competitor reports to ensure that you always stay one step ahead.

Event support

From promotional material to speeches, invitations, slogans, and advertising, our team provides dedicated support staff to ensure all your event content is perfectly aligned to your audience’s expectations.

Website content

Our expert team provides engaging copy for websites using the latest SEO tools to make sure that your message is always heard.


We offer full design services to create the best marketing materials to truly resonate with you audience.

Additional services

Voiceovers, style guide development, slogan writing, product naming, blog content, social media support, and much more!

Case Studies and White Papers

Gain further insight into how CSOFT's team of qualified experts supports our clients in achieving high-quality translations, cost-reduction efficiency, and success in building a strong presence in the global market.

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