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UI/UX Development

CSOFT’s User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) team will work directly with designers to take your UI and UX to the next level globally. Whether fine-tuning existing content or developing it from scratch, our experienced writers and testers offer solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.

What Do We Do?

Create, translate, and localize strings

Our team of language and cultural experts ensure the accuracy of all English language strings across a variety of platforms.

Guidelines, training. and processes

We develop internal standards for your teams, communicating directly with developers and utilizing the most efficient systems to ensure that deadlines are met.

Design Development

From complete redesign, to the adaptation of existing designs, our team will ensure that the look and feel of your UI meets the expectations of your target market.

UX Development

Different cultures have different expectations when it comes to user experience. Our team will ensure the structural pathways of your software conforms to the expectations of your audience.


With so much competition in the marketplace, getting the right name and description for your app is imperative. Our team provide extensive keyword research to ensure your apps always get seen by your customers.

Competitor analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing is a crucial step in cornering a market. Our team provide in-depth competitor reports to ensure that you always stay one step ahead.

Case Studies and White Papers

Gain further insight into how CSOFT's team of qualified experts supports our clients in achieving high-quality translations, cost-reduction efficiency, and success in building a strong presence in the global market.

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