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It’s more than an online profile.

TermWiki is a web-based, multilingual terminology management system for collaboratively developing, managing, and distributing corporate glossaries. As a centralized system, TermWiki enables all stakeholders in the content development and translation processes to maintain consistent use of key terms and brand voice.

How does using TermWiki benefit me?

Align your internal and external teams

TermWiki connects all project stakeholders to a central term database, so you can remotely align your global teams without having to worry about version control, thereby streamlining the collaborative content development process. This speeds up production, reduces time-to-market, and significantly improves the quality of your translations.

Improve brand consistency

TermWiki facilitates collaboration on term development and translation from the source, providing term-specific platforms for dispute and query resolution. Empower your writers, translators, and reviewers alike with the ability to effectively represent your brand and products with the same set of terms – every time, in every language.

Avoid passing defects downstream

TermWiki automatically tracks all changes and supports highly customizable notifications. When changes are made, relevant stakeholders will automatically receive a notification. By eliminating manual hand-offs, you can effectively minimize the appearance of errors and promote compliance in highly regulated markets.


  • Clear graphical user interface
  • Intuitive, definable browsing
  • Accessible remotely via the                       Internet
  • Definable link structure
  • Customizable language bar


  • Automatic tracking
  • Definable notifications
  • Customizable workflow                             integration
  • Granular user permissions
  • Term sign off and protection


  • lmport & export in XML, XUFF,                 TBX, CSV.
  • TXT, and MultiTerm formats
  • Customizable API calls
  • Definable data categories


  • Product and language-specific                 “filters”
  • Intuitive fuzzy matches
  • Searchable attributes
  • Auto-complete search                               tracking

Advanced Features

  • Complete multimedia support
  • Real-time task listings
  • Extensive project management               support
  • Term suggestion

Go further with TermWiki Pro

Import & Export

Quickly and seamlessly import and export between TermWiki Pro, authoring, and CAT tools.

Change Tracking

Broadcast terminology translation changes instantly to all stakeholders within your content development ecosystem.

User Management

Control access privileges of the colleagues you invite through granular user control.